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These are excellent! Downloaded both pages. I'll probably be using packing tape, or possible the bottom portion of a page protector, on plastic shoebox bins. I love the simplicity of the images. Thank you for sharing!

Stephany Hyder

This is so wonderful! I actually blogged about Toddler Organization yesterday and today I was 'pinning' and blogging and came across this site. AWESOME! :D Thank you for this!

Ty'Anna Howell

Thanks for the free download. I mentioned you on my blog :

Amy in Oz

*cry* I can't open the pdf. It tells me that the file is damaged. I was able to save the "more toy tags" picture, but same issue with the pdf. The look so great, i was hoping to use them too!


Awesome tags!! Can we have more? The holidays are over and it's time to organize those toys!!


We put these on this weekend, I am nesting for baby #3, but my girl's room have been the recipient of the nesting. If you decide you want to do more, I would love some of these...
tinkertoys, lincoln logs, bears, littlest pet shop, felt, Barbies, doll house.
Or would you share the font you use and I will try to recreate.

Angela Noelle

Amazing. Thank you for sharing, you rockstar.


Thank you so much for sharing. I have been looking for something like this for ages and even tried to make some myself with very disappointing results. I have printed both sheets.

Thanks again!


Of course, Jennifer. The font I used was Bebas.

Jennifer R.

Could you let us know what font you used in case we want to add add'l categories? Thanks!

the sleepy time gal

they are beautiful!


I printed these out and my husband said "Wow those are nice labels!" but I agree we need more :)

Dress up/make believe
Little People (fisher price)
Finger puppets

Thank you so much for these


Love these! I too am renovating my home and these will be perfect! Thank you for sharing!


Oh, perfect. Our toy bins are still unlabeled.

Extra suggestions: blocks, balls, playmobil, lincoln logs, playdough,

Erin @ Letter Soup

These are wonderful! Thank you! I shared them on my blog too. (http://lettersoupblog.blogspot.com/2010/05/label-your-room.html)

wide open spaces

I had to share these on my site. Really fantastic - thank you so much for sharing!

Today Hilary

Great idea! I sooo needed this for our playroom....


Nicely done! I especially like the graphic with text.

I've been organizing my daughter's toys after a birthday and holiday gifts. Tags that we're using are Art Supplies, Balls, Blocks, Xbox (for the hubby), and Wii (for me).


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these. I'm going to share them on my blog on Monday, linking back to you, of course. twoshortpeople.blogspot.com

I have ideas for different labels! Art supplies!

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, scissors, stickers, glue sticks, chalk, stamps...

Thank you so much for sharing these! So great.

lacey poag

Meredith, I sent you an email. I am so excited about these! For weeks, I have been telling our playgroup that labels are coming soon...thanks to you they will be delightful! lacey


These are AWESOME! Such a great download for your readers, Meredith.


Lacey, so glad you mentioned that because I was actually already thinking of making an additional sheet. Do you have any suggestions that I ought to include? Anyone else?


The tags are cute enough to inspire someone like me to actually organize my kids' toys!!!!

lacey poag

your toy bin labels are exactly what I have been wanting...this has been on my to do list for months. so glad that I stopped by your wonderful blog today!!!
My 3 yr old and 13 month old will love them. I need other toys labeled also. Any interest in making more? please, oh please!

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